So what does everyone think of the ‘controvercial new video’ from Lady Gaga?  Is it just me or has this been released about three weeks too late?

I can see it causing outrage to many but depicting Christ as a biker doesn’t really bother me.  Every time people try to be “controversial” they bring our gospel story to the forefront and invite us to talk about it.  The choice we have is whether we will engage with people or whether we will bring condemnation and sideline ourselves.

To be honest, a hairy biker like me is probably not the person to ask about this particular offering.  My main comment is “why would anyone do this to their ears”?  It is strange that they are all dressed in leather and riding chops.  If this was played at any bike rally I’ve been to there would probably be a fatality.


4 Responses

  1. Well I agree nothing really majorly offensive. She know’s what she is doing. I thin she likes to taunt certain sections of Christianity for the reaction they give – exposing just how stupid they can be (or is that a little graceless of me?). They, unfortunately, prove her right.

    I kinda like the biker theme with the disciples have their name as patches.

    And yeah possibly a little late.

  2. this is the only Lady Ga Ga video i’ve ever seen that I like. I love this depiction of the disciples as bikers (well i would… I’m a less hairy biker) shame the song itself is just really….. really awful

  3. The thing is… I like the Gaga – think she’s fun and makes great catchy pop, which is kind of my thing. However I must concur that the most offensive thing about this is just that it’s bad. All production and no substance. Oh, and the obscene amount of money it must have cost. AND – more tedious dualism about good and bad, saintly or sexy – yawn!

  4. James – Like with internet forums, people like to feed the trolls. She makes a video, people react, she gets what she wants.

    I feel a new blog post coming on 😉

    Duttyo – all of my thoughts so succinclty put. I may just re edit the video with a decent song underneath it.

    Actually, I feel next years introduction to the easter sunday service coming out of these images minus the dancing and poop music.

    Rach – ” I like the Gaga”

    We have a special seat for people like you over in the corner 😉

    You redeem yourself with everything else you say though mate.

    “More tedious dualism about good and bad, saintly or sexy – yawn!”

    This is the legacy of the puritans that lives on in American protestantism. The body is evil. Sex is bad. You are bad. Everything about you is bad. Elvis is evil. You are all going to hell.

    She’s just giving back from the ‘wisdom’ that she has received.

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