Is God Love?

I spotted this post entitled Love vs. Religion.  It raises an interesting question about how we respond if we believe that “God is love”.

Religion says: Celebrate the same way we do, with decency and order, and be sure you stay in line. Be careful who you hang out with—you don’t want a bad influence rubbing off on you. Appearances are everything, so choose carefully.

Love says: Let’s celebrate! Go wild, tip over the edge! Tell everyone they are welcome to my party! Be expansive, wildly open, stupidly generous, and ridiculously joyous. Invite the oddest people you can find—please! Shower one another with openness and love and being authentic. What great gifts you have for each other! Give them indiscriminately.


New PDA Lectionary

Calling all of you lovers of portable hand-held devices.  Your iPod talks to your iPhone and your other iStuff.

If you use a mobile device that contains your diary like me, you may want to download the common worship almanac, the digital lectionary resource.  Simon Kershaw has once again made our lives that little bit easier.

What If Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?

I have often been heard to say “if Coke acted like the church everyone would drink Pepsi” in a jocular manner.   I have been to churches that resemble the modern parable above in the past and often wondered what was going on.  This coming from someone who spends a lot of time in church! 

I can also remember that first time I entered into the church building with questions I’d like to ask.  Fortunately I wasn’t given the run around before someone gave me access to the coffee!  I need to constantly remind myself of how difficult it was to enter the church for the first time and the experiences I had there.

Who is Welcome?

Jon at ASBO Jesus has a wonderful cartoon inviting us to examine how we as a church engage with the communities around us.  Some of us don’t like it when people come with questions.  Or people who don’t conform to ‘our standards’ without considering that ‘our’ standards aren’t the important standards to keep. 

I was not really into Nirvana but in my head, all I can think is the lyrics to Come as You Are.

What is Alt. Worship?

There is a YouTube video that keeps coming back every so often and making me smile.

Earlier today my Mum and Dad popped in to drop some things off at my house.  Being of different generations and different Christian denominations we often have conversations where we both talk at cross purposes.  I was asked the dreaded question “what is alt worship”?

How better to explain that alt. worship attempts to express the ancient traditions of the church in a setting that speaks into the modern world than an iPhone version of something traditional.  Now if someone could please redo this recording but using an ancient piece of latin, that would make conversations with the matriarch about this topic much easier…

Worship Idea – Vending Machine Jesus

I have had a lot of video’s jump out at me recently.  This one I spotted when Crimperman blogged it.

As you may have guessed, I have five minutes to blog all of those things I keep adding to the list.

Worship Idea – Conspiracy of Freedom

Check this out.  Some great conversation starters and videos!