Revive with Corrine Bailey Rae

Here’s a big ayup to all the people I know who are or were involved in Revive in Leeds.  Proost are releasing a couple of albums from the Revive back catalogue.  Interestingly they feature Corrine Bailey Rae from before she was famous. 

I wonder how long it will be before someone I know says words to the affect of “I used to play in a band with Corrine Bailey Rae” 😆



Sorry I haven’t been here of late.  I have managed to move house to the theological college though.  Here’s some light relief related to mission shaped church.

Tropic Thunder

We decided to leave the packing and go to the cinema.  Tropic Thunder wasn’t as good as I hoped but it was worth it just for the fake trailer to Satan’s Alley!

The Song of Songs

A friend introduced me to this interesting take on the Song of Songs.  The cartoon amused me – I hope it does you too.

Theological College

Just thought I’d share some pleasing news with the world.  It would appear that I am heading to a theological college for a year.  I aim to be the most theologised man in this quadrant of the galaxy 😉

In Memory of John Stott

Atheist Worship

A while ago I came across a good blog article that summs up some of the feelings many have in the context of church worship.  It caught my attention with the catchy title.


I have taken some of my films in to be developed and sorted through some of my Greenbelt photos.  This is taken using a vivitar wide and slim and cross processed.

Hadron Collider

As I am sure you are all aware, the world may end this week.  If it does, at least you can now have a nice look at some photos of the machine that killed you.  If anyone sees four guys on horses, let me know!!

Beware the one swear word in this clip from mock the week!

The End of the Beginning

I was asked to record this moment for posterity.  Here’s a tryptic.

Please click it, it looks much better larger!