Inter-Faith Sharing Guidelines Drawn Up

The issue of how to share faith within a multifaith context is one that the church has been struggling with in West Yorkshire for many recent years.  I attended a two week residential training course as part of my ministerial training where we looked at issues of social cohesion and multi-faith working and was left feeling a little desolate.  My experiences were that other faith groups were derogatory and proselytising whilst we ourselves were discussing how as Christians we were to try to avoid these issues.  And at the same time there was always a nagging doubt in the back of our minds… something about… good news.

It is with this in mind that I excitedly read the news that The Christian Muslim Forum have come up with guidelines for how to share faith with integrity and respect for each other.  Living and working in West Yorkshire, this isn’t a hypothetical situation!  Lets hope that this filters down to the ground!


What Church Isn’t

An intersting post from Brad Ruggles.

I am Alive!!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages!  In the last month I have moved out of my flat, moved into temporary accommodation, moved into my new house and visited the wonders of Ancient Egypt.  As you can probably guess, this has been a really busy time!  Unfortunately I haven’t had internet access for over a month now other than through my mobile phone.  Not the best medium for metablogging over here at wordpress – more the microblogging tool really.

Whilst have been away, Jon has done a cartoon based upon my last post. Typical that I miss the conversation by being on another continent!

Next week I will have hot and cold running broadband in the comfort of my own home!  Time to deal with the 34gig of photographs I took whilst in Egypt.  That should be good relaxing preparation for ordination in two weeks time 😀