Worship Idea – 9 Lessons Loops by Proost

Jon Birch has done some wonderful animated 9 Lessons and Carols loops available at Proost.

Animated thumbnail here.


Why Are We Waiting? – Ready Steady Slow…

Check out this online Advent initiative.



I have just finished reading Marked by Steve Ross.  I was sent it by a friend who was feeding my comic book addiction.  Here’s a quick review by Alan Grant:

Steve Ross’s graphic novel ‘Marked’; is an exceptionally impressive achievement. The New Testament’s Gospel According to Mark is re-told in comic strip using contemporary life, characters and culture. The result is startling, remarkable and completely unique: the horrors and demons of 2,000 years ago are dragged drooling and screaming into the mean streets – and meaner people – of today. Steve’s chilling message seeps out from under his bold words and images: nothing has changed in two millennia, and Mankind will always fail, unless… somebody cares enough to save us. –Alan Grant

From my own perspective, I was greatly impressed with it.  However, I am a comic book nerd who knows the gospel of Mark.  There have been other attempts to reimagine religious narratives in graphic novels and some have been more successful than others.  For example Deepak Chopra and Shekar Kapur’s Ramayan is an artistic delight and authentically manga experience.  However, the Bible is usually given the well meaning but saccarine 60’s pastel shades of the ghost of sunday school past.  Even the artistic talents who worked on Judge Dredd seemed heavily influenced by the images of their childhood.  Marked however has no such hangups.  This really does look like it belongs up there with Judge Dredd.  The art work is really good.  Mark’s Gospel has been placed into a futuristic post apocalyptic setting that intrigues the reader to carry on.

I have only a couple of concerns.  What is it for?  It doesn’t follow a true enough course to the Gospel itself although it does make you want to ask more questions.  Is this a springboard into the text for someone who has never really encountered the biblical narrative or is it a thought provoking encounter for people like me who have a good knowledge of the original?  Is it both and at the same time actually neither?

New Palm Top Lectionary and Almanac

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t function without the virtual world.  A phone/diary/internet/tea maker is vital!!  Each year I rely upon the Palm top lectionary.  This year it even includes collects and post communion prayers.

This guy does it for free every year.  It’s brilliant!  What a top bloke!!  I am waiting for the year when he can just download all of this straight into my head like the matrix!

Worship Idea – Sponsor a Bus Shelter

The Christian Advertising Network have a brilliant poster campaign this year.  They are asking you to sponsor your local bus shelter with a Christmas advert.  For £105 they will do it all.  10 people and a tenner each?

Now that is how to get the church Jesus out of the building and in amongst the people!


Just back from retreat and a bit more recharged.  Unfortunately it was punctuated by a death in the family.  I was trying to read Through The Pilgrim’s Door but found it hard to focus.  I guess it is back on the pile of books I have bought but not read!  Do’h!