Guest Post

This month my guest post over at has the word “Cathedral” in the title. This took me by surprise as much as everyone else.

If you want to know why I would be mentioning a Cathedral in a post, why not check it out.

Vicar of The Orks!

I’m currently at the point in my curacy where you contemplate the future and a possible new post somewhere else.  Bryony sent me this instagram photo via twitter simply entitles “Is this a job for you?”



Metanoia – Now The Green Blade Rises

Easter weekend was completely hectic and I totally forgot to post this.  It was part of the Stations of the Resurrection over at the Big Bible Blog organised by @vahva.

Here is Metanoia with Now The Green Blade Rises.  Why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or me on Soundcloud.

Wearing a Cross

Wearing a cross” seems to be the theme of the day on twitter.  I have a variety of opinions about the “marginalisation of religion”.  Unsurprisingly they don’t tend to correspond with the things that the national press seem to keep publishing.  Perhaps I will write about them in the coming weeks.

This seems to be one of the most interesting social comments I have come across, courtesy of Headphonaught’s flickr stream.  Why not check out the series of images?

When I Survey the Wonderous Cross

Apologies for not posting yesterday.  As you can imagine, Good Friday is a very busy day!

Many of you will remember the online carol service last year that Metanoia recorded a song for.  Yesterday was the Online Stations of the Cross hosted over at Big Bible.  Metanoia recorded a subdued version of When I Survey for station number 11, The Soldiers Crucify Jesus.

As you can hear, it is a more subdued recording as befitting the occasion.  I dug out the massive Ugandan Drum that I brought back from Kampala and an acoustic guitar.  We tried to make the poignancy of the lyrics and the emotion in Ruth’s voice a feature and let the occasion speak for itself.  When we release that album we keep dreaming about it would have to be the secret track at the end!

Please feel free to download it and pass it around!  Just make sure it still says “Metanoia” on the MP3.

The version of the track was originally penned by the Northumbria Community.