Engage Worship

When I was at Spring harvest I got to meet Sam from over at Engage Worship.  There are lots of worship resources over there so get over and have a look.

Sam led a really good session on creative worship and sharing good practice.  It was good to see how resources don’t have to be reinvented from scratch each time.


The Struggle to Exist.

Jon Birch over at ASBO Jesus has started to do a really powerful series of cartoons that accompany Dave Wiles book Stories from the Edge.  They are a really powerful series of images. 

Here’s me 13 years ago.

General Election and The Church

The General Election has been announced and Christians have started to debate the pros and cons of various political views.  My view is this – get to know the character of God and then vote for who you think represents that closest.

Here is the video that Spring Harvest managed to organise in the past few weeks.  Steve Chalk asking the main three party leaders what their view is of the Church’s role in a modern Britain.

Worship Idea – Maundy Thursday – Shine Some Shoes

I just noticed a rather intriguing post by a friend.  In Cottingham the clergy have been shining shoes in the market.  Anyone and everyone could have their shoes shined for free.

One comment he made was that it was amazing how many people wouldn’t take a free shoe shine.  I wonder if they were asking themselves what the catch was.