Jon Birch and the ASBOjesus-ness

For those of you who have no idea what the man is or what he does, check out ASBOjesus and then listen to his his interview from greenbelt!


Sorry I haven’t posted anything recently.  Very sorry that what I have posted hasn’t been particularly relevant.  I have been on holiday (and some of which was greenbelt 😉  ).

I have also been to a two day interview which was very stressful.  If any of you could pray for my success I would be grateful!

Anyway, my main point is “sorry I have been rubbish, normal service is resumed”!!

Lurve and all that Jazz




Here’s a live recording from Thursday night at the New Roscoe.  This is one of Silverthorn’s own songs called Danger.

Silverthorn are Rock-tastic

Officially I am on a two week summer holiday… but my band have a gig tonight at the New Roscoe in Leeds.  We’d love it if you came to see us.

The Dark Knight

I went to see The Dark Knight on Monday and it was really good.  Heath Ledger’s performance was amazing – this is what a truly psychotic mad man is supposed to be like!!  I highly recommend going to see it for that alone.  I also loved the messianic under/overtones.

My only criticism is that since the batman films had to abandon the comic book world perpetuated cinematically by Tim Burton and enter the real world, the costume doesn’t quite fit.  That said, Batman without the costume is just ‘Man’.

Some people can take it a little too far though.

PS I still wont place a DC Comics catergory on my blog 😆


I have been playing around with my new holga camera and doing some cross processing.  Thought you may be interested in my first decent result.


Thought I’d share a video of my band playing She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult.

Funny Laws

Now I have read many funny laws from all over the world.  For example, it is compulsory for boys to have at least 2 hours longbow practice (in England), taught by their local vicar.  However, this one made me try to breath my coffee this morning.