Early Fresh Expression – Lunar Communion

One of the more recent revelations about the lunar landings is that Buzz Aldrin celebrated communion by extension on the moon.  This is the kind of alt. worship I could do with!

E is for E-vangelism: Brian McLaren

Check out the quote

Pretty Amazing Grace

I’m having one of those moments…

Further Guerrilla Worship Update

Dream have put up a follow up to the beach labyrinth.  Check it out!

The BNP Has Gone Too Far!!

News article from ekklesia.

T-Shirts with Clerical Collars

For the last two weeks people have been asking me where I got a T-shirt with a clerical collar. 

Cross designs.

Church Politics?

Church politics?

new Dress new Bag new Shoes new Phone new Man and still not Happy.

Check out this great new video from Do The Green Thing.

We were just discussing whether our freshly expressed churches were fostering disciples or breeding consumers….

Digital Symposium

Since my time at St Johns College in Durham it has been interesting to see how the college has been guided by the relatively new principal David Wilkinson.  His interest in the relationship between the church and the media is well documented.  It was almost inevitable that this would have been pushed during the last few years.  Those of you who twitter may have noticed a lot of #digisymp hashtags.  I suggest you check out their blog and the CODEC website.


Church of England Liturgical Commission

Don’t they have a suprisingly familiar sounding website address…