The Church of the Middle Classes?

Here is an interesting article from ekklesia.  The Bishop of Reading makes a really valid point about the perception of the church in the wider world.  This is the reason I attended church as a teenager for four services…. until I was made to feel unwelcome for not being “suitable”.

“How did it come to this?” he asked, “That we have become known as just the Marks & Spencer option when in our heart of hearts we know that Jesus would just as likely be in the queue at Asda or Aldi?”

I can’t help feeling that the church has only itself to blame.  It would be really easy to point fingers at generations since departed but what are we doing about it today?


Come as You Are

I agree with this sentiment but I get the feeling that it doesn’t often feel like it on the ground.

“On Back to Church Sunday I’ll be at St Paul’s, Wokingham, welcoming new people to the church and proclaiming a very old and very welcome message, because we bishops can’t say it too much: ‘Church: it’s definitely not about how you look, what you do, how you sound, how well you sing. Just come as you are. Come with a friend. All are welcome. Churches are still where best friends are made. And where people can be just as they are.’”

More Ecclesiology

I have just been surfing the blogsphere and ended up on Jonny Bakers Blog.  There is a great link to a Kore video you can download.  It is a modern parable called I Love Elvis.

Speech DeBelle Talks About Jesu… Michael Jackson

This is from the Metro newspaper 60 second interview with Speech DeBelle on September the 8th.  What do you think?

To me, Michael Jackson’s story of his life is very similar to the story of Jesus. This young guy who, from when he was very young, showed signs of being exceptional. Jesus went around preaching the gospel and touching people and.. making lepers better. Michael Jackson’s gone around the world and done that – he might not have literally touched someone and made them see but, apparently, I don’t know if this is true, there were kids around him that had cancer that don’t have cancer any more.


I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted.  Since ordination in July it has been like jumping onto a moving conveyor belt – I keep running to keep up!  It has also been difficult as the new boy to do anything other than learn what is what.

I had a really good discussion this morning with a colleague.  We discussed the way The Church views itself as an institution and how we were more interested in the “ecclesia” we see in the bible – “the gathering”.  We have decided to foster a new church community that is less focussed on the buildings and more focussed on the community.  Exciting times as we try and find a non-“church” venue…