Nick Griffin on Question Time

Here’s hoping that he says some of the things he is quoted as saying in the above video.  I suggest we all watch BBC1 tonight and find out.


All Hallows Eve

Simply The Worst – Why Blogging is a Bad Idea. Bye Everyone.


The BNP and Question Time

It would seem that the ongoing saga of Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s question time this week is going to be a hot talking point all week.  In a week where I have witnessed first hand a reasoned debate get thrown out of the window in favour of name calling and petty squabling, it would seem to me that David Aaronovitch has come up with some pretty sensible advice for how the BNP should be dealt with in a live television forum.


Worship Idea – Bread of Life

From Jonny Bakers Blog.

The Modern Wedding

I just found this clip.  I think it raises some interesting questions about how we engage with the modern world as a church.  And it made me laugh 😆