Jesus Never Went Out of Business


I just took this in Plymouth.


True Size of Africa

Here’s an image you can use one day when looking at the world-wide church!  It is going viral on Twitter because Stephen Fry tweeted it.

Eucharistic Wallpaper

This is going to sound a bit weird but I was just searching for a medieval depiction of the Eucharist.  I didn’t find it but I did find something cool.  This picture of the host being elevated is from Life Teen, a youth resource for Roman Catholics.  I like it – and will probably try to use it this week.

Worship Idea – Video for Worship

A cool way of sharing video resources.  Check out the vimeo group Video For Worship.

Worship Idea – Reflective Prayers from Engage Worship

I have just popped along to @engageworship’s site following a tweet about a piece of reflective music.  It works really well if you combine it with their ACTS prayer reflection.  Some powerful modern imagery is combined with the traditional fourfold structure for prayer resulting in something that brings a deeply personal experience to our intercessory lives in a corporate setting.

Worship Idea – 9 Lessons Loops by Proost

Jon Birch has done some wonderful animated 9 Lessons and Carols loops available at Proost.

Animated thumbnail here.

Lent Resources from Proost

Proost have released some audio visual lent resources so check them out!

Advent Resources

Proost have loads of different stuff available for the advent season.  Most stuff is cheap and downloadable.  Check it out here on Jonny Bakers blog.

Money Makes the World go Round…

DryRot a member of the Leeds Flickr Group has kindly let me reproduce his work.  He makes a point with his picture that I just couldn’t make in words.

Jesus Heals!

So as we wandered  around Borders contemplating how none of the sections had quite the book we were looking for we came across this – a perfect metaphor!