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Theartofjoy is a random act of kindness twitter feed.

Worship Idea – Rock Eucharist

Well it turns out that I am not the first person to play heavy metal at an Anglican Eucharist.  The Reign are a worship band from Hull and they have been going for some years now.  They have started to run “Rock Eucharist” services as a fresh expression in and around the York Diocese.  I have been to one of their Rock Eucharists at Greenbelt and it was good fun!  If you are interested in more information about running a Rock Eucharist, they are holding a showcase event at St Aidan’s Church on May 7th.

Worship Idea – Online Community

OK, technically this isn’t a worship idea but rather a resource that I can see huge potential in.  WordPress have just announced a new theme which turns a blog into a much more interactive forum.  It is effectively an enclosed twitter.

I see all sorts of potential uses for communities to express themselves.

Postmodern Worship

I’m on holiday which means I have had chance to get on with some reading.  I am just about finished with Adventures in Missing the Point and McLaren has said something about the phrase “postmodern church services” that amuses me greatly.

Traditional worship means uncool (ie suitable for the over-50 crowd), contemporary worship means used to be cool (suitable for the over-35 crowd), and postmodern means really cool (suitable for the under-35 crowd).


There is an interesting article in the newspapers today about an athiest who wants to be de-baptised.

I have too many questions about this.  What do you all think?

New Header

For two months I have been wanting to have a revamp of the old blog.  The problem is that all of the designs I like I have used for other projects or when setting up other people’s blogs.  I also quite like the familiar feeling of the layout with everything within easy reach.  Also, other layouts mean that all of the images I have previously posted would need resizing. 

Anyway, I have decided after months of umming and ahhhing to change the header as the last one was hastily fashioned when I first moved from myspace.  Hope you like it.