Images of Christ in Photography

Jonny Baker has done some great detective work and found some images of Christ depicted in photography.  For the whole story, check them out here.

Well worth clicking the link!


The Lord’s Prayer – Retelling Our Story

Sometimes it is good to rethink those familiar things.  I came across this retranslation of The Lord’s Prayer via @lizdyer.

O Breathing Life, your Name shines everywhere!

May our future actions grow from here!

Release a space to plant your Presence here.

Envision your “I Can” now.

Embody your desire in every light and form.

Grow through us this moment’s bread and wisdom.

Untie the knots of failure binding us,

as we release the strands we hold of others’ faults.

Help us not forget our Source,

Yet free us from not being in the Present.

From you arises every Vision, Power and Song

from gathering to gathering.


Check out

Easter Video

I’m not a big delerious fan but I came across this video via @EasterLIVE and I think it is really good.  I may use it Easter morning.

Saint Arnolds

I realised as I was updating the “Emerging Church in the North of England” page that I have been very remiss with my updating of late. 

Duttyo keeps informing me of the new emerging group Saint Arnolds in the Lord Darcy pub Alwoodley, Leeds.  I think the group meet regularly to discuss the bible and drink beer.  I am hoping to go and check it out in the next few weeks.

I am assuming that Arnold is a tongue in cheek referrence to The Simpsons but no doubt Duttyo will correct me =D

Rock Eucharist

Some of my friends and the readers of my blog will remember this well.  Partly because you were there and in some cases because you were in the band!

A few years ago we decided to have a thought experiment – what would the Eucharist look like if it was incarnated into a sphere that people easily recognise – a rock concert.  If memory serves I spent a lot of time playing guitar in Drop D tuning for such worship songs as “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. 

Recently there have been Blues Brothers moments between myself and Duttyo about “putting the band back together” and going on the road doing youth services.

At Greenbelt two years ago I was introduced to Rachel and Paul Ganney by my wife.  I am sketchy on the details (and no doubt I will be corrected) but I think they met when Ruth was a teenager and playing rock at church services.  That evening Rachel and Paul and some other guys went on to do a Rock Eucharist.  A good time was had by all!

It turns out that Rachel has just commented here on my blog and that they are living the dream.  Check out their Rock Eucharist Roadshow at

As an addendum – Duttyo, I think Hull is far enough away for us to live the dream here in Leeds =D

Easter Live

Easter Live has been tweeting and re-tweeting the different thoughts people have about Easter.  What does it mean to the twitterverse?  Check out the hashtag #easterlive

There is a simple PowerPoint to download today if you want to loop it in a service.  I personally will wait until the big day and may add things to it as time progresses.

Time – How Long is Too Long?

I have just had a conversation that prompts this question:

How long do you give a Fresh Expression to establish itself before you pull the plug?

What is a ‘fair crack of the whip’?