Sorry I’m a Christian

A guy called Ian posted this in a comment on my blog.  Thanks.


3 Responses

  1. This man speaks for me, and speaks for me so much more eloquently than Westboro or Christian Voice or Forward in Faith.

    I’m sorry that the Gospel of Love, Inclusiveness and Forgiveness has been subsumed by judgementalism, legalism and all those things that He accused the Pharisees of being lived out by the institutional Church as our birthright.

    • I agree. He speaks passionately and eloquently of the gospel that Jesus proclaims. He also humbly reminds us all of our call to live it out in our brokenness and how we in our fallen state often fall short of the divine that we represent.

      For 14 years I have struggled with the image that the representatives of the church like to give of being a self righteous people. I am a broken and flawed person and Jesus comes and saves me from this. I am sanctified not through myself but through him.

      When we claim to be judge of the world we elevate ourselves to that pharisaical position and fail to declare hope to a world that seeks redemption.

      This guy speaks a message that has resonated for 2000 years.

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