Jesus Heals!

So as we wandered  around Borders contemplating how none of the sections had quite the book we were looking for we came across this – a perfect metaphor!

9 Responses

  1. What, they sell this kind of stuff in the UK?

  2. perfect metaphor?

    there’s a free toy inside Jesus?

  3. 😆 @ Duttyo

    Carole, I now need to find something that dispenses tape whilst blessing me 😆

  4. Try that purveyor of quality religious items, JC Kitsch & Co.

  5. I got a glow in the dark BVM from SPCK and glow in the dark rosary from a street vendor in Kampala. The rosary was 30p so I bought the ontire stock and gave them to all the trainee priests I knew 😆

  6. Yuk! I bet they loved them ! Check out the gadgets for God on Crap, the like of which you would never imagine…

  7. Oh I would imagine it. My house is full of it. I had a great Priests callander last year. I need someone to go to Rome and get me another one 😀

    Ship of Fools is great. Our Diocese has totally ripped off their mystery worshipper thing and is doing it in the next few months…

  8. Oh good grief! Every time I think I’ve seen it all I’m instantly proved wrong.

    Eh, how much are they by the way?

  9. A mere £3.99 and Jesus will heal you 😆

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