Going to Church for the First Time?

Phil Ritch posted this on his blog with the simple question, “is this what church feels like”?  What a wonderful video.  I have struggled to articulate what it is like for a hairy biker like myself to enter the church for the first time.  It is two evenings ago that I was trying to explain this to a group of cradle Christians using the metaphor of going into a betting shop for the first time.  I won’t be doing that again, I will be showing this clip!!

I must mention this to the Canon Missioner for his “Welcome” training day!

5 Responses

  1. i’ve been using this on a Sunday morning for a few weeks now. It is brilliant at getting the message across

  2. It would seem so! I appear to be late to the party behind you and Duttyo. That’ll teach me not to just skip all of the adverts on the gogglebox!!

  3. I’m from an atheist familiy and my parents don’t outright hate church, but don’t talk too good about it, either.
    This is a bit like what it felt like for me, going to church for the first time, too.

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