Picking over the Christmas Turkey

Well it has been an eventful first Christmas since ordination.  Mostly I have been coughing and spluttering my way through.  Fortunately the vicar let me off a couple of services on Christmas Eve.

Things were pretty traditional until Christmas Day.  We decided to put a big band together and have a Family Eucharist with a party atmosphere.  We were celebrating after all!  I really enjoyed playing the solo to In Dulci Jubilo at the end of Good Christians All Rejoice.  I also had fun calling this the final ‘hymn’:

We had 68% better attendance than last year despite the snow so we must have done something right!!

As this is the first of many Christmases spent at home it was really nice to have family come to stay for a few days.  It was a little strange having a toddler running around the house.  Still not sure if I am ready to have children.  You have to be old to do that!

We appear to have entered the 20th century as we were given a games console for Christmas.  It is a thing of witchcraft!  I have poured holy water upon it and cast it into the lake!  It definitely weighs less than a duck!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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