Worship Idea – Christmas Rolling Communion Service

I was told about this by someone who saw it as a way of engaging those people who sporadically attend church.  You know the ones who used to go but don’t really have any commitment.  Church is always at the wrong time for them.  The people who would come to church if it wasn’t too much effort.  When it comes to the major festivals, what about holding a rolling communion.  Why not try this on Christmas Eve or at Easter?  It should work particularly well if you are on a busy high street.

Between 4 and 6 the church was open and the service started.  After a simple communion service people were invited to come up to the communion rail and pray if they wanted to.  If they put their hands up they would be given communion.  They were invited to stay and kneel for as long or as short a time as they wanted. 

People were told they could leave at any time they wished.  The distribution then lasted for 2 hours allowing people to enter the church when they were passing and saw that it was open.  They were given a card with things like a confession and the lords prayer – you know the kind of thing that a communion has in it.  They were also invited to communion.

Apparently it was a really good opportunity for people who are on the edge of church to come into a non-threatening environment and engage with their faith.  It was also a good opportunity for those people who can’t make it to midnight to receive communion at Christmas.

I wonder what would happen if a church on a busy high street did this every saturday afternoon from 2-4.

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