General Synod

It is with great interest that the controversy over Rowan Williams remarks chunters on.  The BBC’s correspondent had this to say after his speech in synod after which there was some very outspoken criticism.

And he should have had some idea of how the very word Sharia is enough to drive reason from many minds.

All that said, though, the damage he has caused is minuscule by comparison both with what his critics are doing and with the good he himself has done.

I think this sums up my feelings on the whole matter.  There is so much emotion running the debate that academic reasoning seems to be cast aside as an unnecessary inconvenience.  People on both sides of the church want to use the debate to wield a big stick.  The secularists want to wield a the debate as a big stick.  I think it is time people stop arriving with an agenda before the debate takes place.


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