I’ve nearly finished my exam marking.  The funny quote of today was in response to the quote “religious people are the only ones who care about the environment”.

Other people like naturists and friends of the earth care deeply about the environment.

5 Responses

  1. not sure they’ll be as bothered about glodal warming!

  2. Certainly not British naturists. I did once stumble across something about Christian naturists. It was a rather disturbing shot of old and wrinkley people standing around an altar naked. Eek!!

  3. now that is alternative worship!

  4. LOL! Can you imagine the icar saying “On wednesday there will be an Alt. Worship service. Don’t bring any clothes”! 😀

  5. […] my blog first moved here from myspace in 2007 I was not a priest in the church of England, I was part way through my […]

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