Welfare Reform in Today’s Political Agenda

A society which allows large numbers of its citizens to live in poverty is unlikely to be sustainable. We have seen, since the 1980s, how whole communities hit by economic contraction can sink into a kind of collective depression from which some, especially young men, seek to emerge through violence, gangs and other destructive (and self destructive) ways of life.

Nick Morgan linked to the Church of England’s report on Welfare Reform on The Book of Face. It is a long read but has some good insights into the current UK government’s policy and how it relates to our faith.

I think the key phrase in the above quote is “since the 1980s” as it is telling about the current trajectory of the UKs economic policy. This report doesn’t quite give a bloody nose in the way that Faith in the City did to Mrs Thatcher’s government, but it does point out many of the failings of the current regime.



Not in My Name

I meant to blog this sooner but have been snowed under with Holy Week.  This is appalling!

I am quite frankly appalled.  Anyone who can equate Jesus with the values of the BNP has no knowledge of Jesus.  Grab a bible and start reading.  This line of theological enquiry didn’t work in Nazi Germany and it wont wash here!

As we reminded people at holocaust memorial day and I say again now, the Nazi party were voted into power within living memory.  We are not ‘modern and enlightened’ and beyond these terrifying things as this poster clearly demonstrates!

You have a voice, use it!