The Illusive Changingworship

They seek him here, they seek him there….

Many apologies for my apparent lack of presence on the blog for the past month.  I’ve got a note from my mum and this is what it says:

Dear internet,

Please excuse Robb’s absence in the last few weeks.  He had a very busy time with Christmas and then he went on holiday.  Since he has been back he has been back in the swing of things with the parishes he works with.  He has also been having all sorts of interesting conversations about some exciting projects in the future.

We’ve been really busy getting on with things.  During our holiday we decided that we would try to prioritise our time a bit better in the future and try to spend less time on trivial stuff.  One of the things we love is film and television but we’re trying to cut out the nonsense.  It’s one thing dedicating an hour to an episode of Game of Thrones but another watching Home and Away.

There has been a lot going on with Silverthorn under the surface.  With two members of the band having second children there has been less gigging going on but we’ve still been pushing on.  Whilst we were on holiday Ruth and I spent a couple of weeks writing new material for the band and learning some new material.  We’ve been looking at our web presence and should have a new site in the next week or two.  We’ve also been visiting a lot of new venues and sorting out a programme of gigs from Easter.  It’s all up on the facebook page for now.  Hopefully before then we will be able to get some recording done and release some songs.

We’ve also been having some good talks about future events with Metanoia and the Rock Mass.  There are a couple of possible big projects for later on in the year and we will let you know more when the details have been firmed up.  The main thing we’re hoping to do is write a new Eucharistic setting in the next couple of months.

Needless to say, it has all been very busy with Church and also the stuff we do in our spare time.  Hopefully we will have more to report soon.



Here’s a live recording from Thursday night at the New Roscoe.  This is one of Silverthorn’s own songs called Danger.

Silverthorn are Rock-tastic

Officially I am on a two week summer holiday… but my band have a gig tonight at the New Roscoe in Leeds.  We’d love it if you came to see us.


Thought I’d share a video of my band playing She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult.

Rock on!!

Lunch time yesterday I received a phone call from our drummer.  The New Roscoe had got in contacts and were asking “tonights band have left us in the lurch, would you play”.  Needless to say we rocked hard 😀

In fact, I was so wired after the gig that when Adam said “I’ll pick you up at five tomorrow” my response was “why?”.  I had totally forgotten that tonight we are going on a band outing to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard!  Top banana!! Does it get any better than this?

Find out more about Silverthorn here or read the blog here

A big thanks to Lloyd for the photo.

Silverthorn on Myspace

We’re in the middle of booking a load of gigs so we have set up a myspace page.  We have been kindly offered some time in the recording studio so we hope to have some music up on there in the next month or two.

Silverthorn Photos

My band had a photo shoot on Saturday.

If you want to hear stunt guitar it will be live at The Primrose on the 27th of June!!