Guest Post

This month my guest post over at has the word “Cathedral” in the title. This took me by surprise as much as everyone else.

If you want to know why I would be mentioning a Cathedral in a post, why not check it out.

Rock Mass

If you are anywhere near the North of England it would be great if you would come to The Rock Mass in St Michael’s Wakefield.  It is an evening eucharist and will have a full rock band playing with lighting, smoke and the full works. This will be a culturally authentic experience as we come together to worship in a way that feels natural as we come before God as we are. There will be a combination of music from the charts/kerrang/scuzz and other music that could be!

Please come along and bring your friends. Spread the word!  There is a facebook event here.  If you need anymore info, please ask.


Halloweve … Night of the Living Dead!

Liverpool Cathedral, Oct 31st 2000hrs.

I hope to be there if our service finishes in time!  I have previously talked about doing something for all souls in this vein (pun intended).  Hopefully there will be some good inspiration.  See you there!

St Arnold’s go Weekly

Saint Arnold’s is a group who meet in North Leeds.  They have now become a weekly meeting, each Monday evening at the Lord Darcy at 8pm.

618 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS17 8EH

Haworth Fair Intents Ecofair

If you are in Yorkshire you may want to consider heading over to Haworth for the Fair Intents Ecofair.

Leeds Peace Trail Worship Series Website

I posted about the Leeds Peace Trail Worship Series a little while ago.  It is an exciting project based around worship stations in the Leeds city centre.  They have a new website that is under construction so please check it out.

New Monasticism?

There has been a lot of talk of “New Monasticism” in the world of Fresh Expressions but if I’m honest, this post isn’t really about that.  I often wonder how this relates to the “old monasticism”.  I am personally indebted to the local monastic community in Mirfield, the Community of the Resurrection.  This guardian article makes for interesting reading.  A group of nuns facilitated by “modern technology” to prompt prayer suggestions.  Is this news?

Personally, I organise spiritual direction with a 90 year old monk in Mirfield via email.  I have several members of the community as friends on Facebook.  There is a Facebook group dedicated to the community and they contact people via “modern technology” to organise group retreats.

So what is the guardian article really about?  Essentially we have a good news story.  “There are a group of nuns near York who pray for you and the world constantly.  They are updated via a new device so that their prayers are cutting edge”.  Unfortunately the article reads “there are a bunch of out of date medieval nuns and we had to badger them to get up to date”.  As usual, the question is not “what news are they reporting” but “what story do they want to tell”?

Leeds Peace Trail Worship Series

Leeds Peace Trail Worship Series is an event that will be running in the Autumn. 

The Leeds Peace trail Worship Series is being run by a group of Chuches from the North East side of Leeds under the banner of Churches Together in Moor Allerton and Shadwell and will begin at 6:30pm on Friday 3rd September.

6 worship stations at prominant city centre landmarks will provide drama, music, dance and words about the pursuit for peace.

This event can be found on Facebook and Twitter and there will be lots more information becoming available in the next few days.

Worship Idea – Maundy Thursday – Shine Some Shoes

I just noticed a rather intriguing post by a friend.  In Cottingham the clergy have been shining shoes in the market.  Anyone and everyone could have their shoes shined for free.

One comment he made was that it was amazing how many people wouldn’t take a free shoe shine.  I wonder if they were asking themselves what the catch was.

Rock Eucharist

Some of my friends and the readers of my blog will remember this well.  Partly because you were there and in some cases because you were in the band!

A few years ago we decided to have a thought experiment – what would the Eucharist look like if it was incarnated into a sphere that people easily recognise – a rock concert.  If memory serves I spent a lot of time playing guitar in Drop D tuning for such worship songs as “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. 

Recently there have been Blues Brothers moments between myself and Duttyo about “putting the band back together” and going on the road doing youth services.

At Greenbelt two years ago I was introduced to Rachel and Paul Ganney by my wife.  I am sketchy on the details (and no doubt I will be corrected) but I think they met when Ruth was a teenager and playing rock at church services.  That evening Rachel and Paul and some other guys went on to do a Rock Eucharist.  A good time was had by all!

It turns out that Rachel has just commented here on my blog and that they are living the dream.  Check out their Rock Eucharist Roadshow at

As an addendum – Duttyo, I think Hull is far enough away for us to live the dream here in Leeds =D