Things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For





Over on Facebook I shared an article about Fox News’ “fight” for a “traditional Christmas”. Pat challenged me to make a meme. Challenge accepted!

It would seem that in the USA they’re having fun and games over who is allowed to party. Some angry theists are being taken to court by angry antitheists about who is allowed to have a party. Lots of cava is being spilled and people are crying over it.

Those of you who know me well will know I’m well up for Christmas and will be partying like its going out of fashion! But when you are a priest and have to hold the liturgical life of the local church it becomes part of you. As the article explains, Christian celebrations in december begin with Advent. So I will be partying but we’ll be doing it at Christmas. For now it’s Advent.

And this is the UK. No one is banning Christmas. That’s just a sneaky attempt every year by racists to recruit people to their cause.

Happy advent!

Vicar of The Orks!

I’m currently at the point in my curacy where you contemplate the future and a possible new post somewhere else.  Bryony sent me this instagram photo via twitter simply entitles “Is this a job for you?”


Taking a Holiday


I am just getting back from my trip around Shetland and Orkney. I wonder what has happened whilst I was MIA.

The Metal!

Now I wish I was there!

Experimental Monotheism


XKCD Guy does it again!!  I love his quirky combination of maths, physics and philosophy.

I can’t believe I just added Rapture as a category on my blog!!


@unvirtuousabbey posted this on twitter.  I could write you a few thousand words about post-christendom or I could let it speak for itself.

Vampires on The Alpha Course

The Modern Wedding

I just found this clip.  I think it raises some interesting questions about how we engage with the modern world as a church.  And it made me laugh 😆

Fake Australian Pope

This is good for a laugh!!