Living with Depression

If you are a regular follower of this blog you will have noticed that both myself and The Bassplayer are keen to promote work with people who suffer from mental illness.  As priest I often encounter mental illness.  The Bassplayer is a clinical psychologist so as you can imagine she sees the effects of mental illness daily.

Jo, a friend of ours has just published  a very honest Personal Letter to Depression.  An honest lament from a woman who lives with, loves and raises a family with someone who suffers from depression.  I will just give you the opening sentences.  Please do click the link and read more.

Dear Depression.
You are a selfish, self indulgent, self righteous, self pitying, insensitive, uncaring, unthinking arsehole. You sap the Joy out of an otherwise joyful kind and loving human being. You make him look upon his beautiful wife, and gorgeous children and see nothing….


7 Responses

  1. I’d hit ‘Like’ but it might convey the wrong message: I like that you’ve blogged this; I hate what depression and mental illness do to people.

    I also hate the treatment our inglorious government metes out to those battling these issues, hence 5 Quid for Life, a small charitable trust I’m involved with which offers financial help to people with mental health problems who have lost their benefits as a result of the government’s welfare reforms.

    If you’d be kind enough to consider sharing on fb, twitter or even a blog post about the project to help raise awareness, please, it would be much appreciated…

  2. Have you read/heard about a book called Troubled Minds by Amy Simpson? It’s about mental health and the church! I started reading it recently and it’s an interesting book! I recommend it!

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