Are You Gonna Go My Way?

One of the many things I need to do now that I am back online is sort through all of the tasks that have been backing up.  Here is one of the clips of The Rock Mass that I’ve managed to get off my computer and up to YouTube.  Thanks to Trash II Treasure for the shooting and editing.

Guess I’d better update Metanoia’s website.


4 Responses

  1. Hello! I twittered at you but, due to twitter character restrictions, you’d have had messages almost entirely in ‘txtspk’, so I’m stalking you here too.
    If you do have Rock Mass again any time in the future I’d be really grateful if you’d let me know! I’m in Birmingham (fair old distance) but I’d love to attend, and do travel around when the opportunity arises.
    I’m very, very interested in Emerging Church – my local Vicar is just starting me on the discernment process, I’m hoping to be a Pioneer Missional Leader (to start with anyway – who knows what will happen as I go through the process?). I’ve been wondering what it’s going to be like to try to introduce alternative worship ideas, so finding your blog and reading about what you’re doing was great! As someone who doesn’t exactly fit all the well-known ‘Christianity stereotypes’, with some ideas that are a little different, I’m finding your blog really refreshing…good to know that there are people who are successfully introducing ideas that are popular. Thanks for writing (and for the video)!

  2. No problem. May God bless you in your discernment!

    I found that an encouraging vicar who gave Ruth and I the opportunity to explore alt worship in the context of a [quite traditional] parish church over a decade ago was fertile ground to be planted into. This was before the term Fresh Expressions had even been dreampt up.

    I tend to publish everything abroad. We do have a Facebook page too if you are on there.

  3. Consider yourself duly added. Many thanks for your blessings! I’m on facespace, but discernment related things are on the quiet on there – (it’s nerve-wracking enough without everybody I’ve ever met over the past twenty years asking me how it’s going). I’m hoping that as I’ll be working mostly in secondary schools to begin with hopefully I should find some fertile ground (as you put it), but I am very lucky in that the Vicar at my local (also quite traditional) church seems very excited by ANYTHING new. He’s very supportive! Best wishes for everything you do, with settling into a routine and for Christmas!

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