New Lectionary

I probably use this more than anything else every day. Simon Kershaw’s awesome new 2012-13 free Church of England Friendly Lectionary. Now in raspberry flavour.

Thanks Simon!

4 Responses

  1. Do you use it for a daily office? I’m looking for something as a source of readings for that sort of thing – need something a little less ad hoc than is my current wont!

    • Yes. It is the daily readings for all of the offices I say. If you have an iDevice there is a common worship Daily Prayer app that lots the readings into the service each day. You can also access it via the Church of England website.

      I use contemporary language but you can also talk like Richard III if you fancy time travel through the centuries. Now is the summer of our sweet content….

  2. Thanks. Maybe I need to get an iDevice of some kind too 😀

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