When I Survey the Wonderous Cross

Apologies for not posting yesterday.  As you can imagine, Good Friday is a very busy day!

Many of you will remember the online carol service last year that Metanoia recorded a song for.  Yesterday was the Online Stations of the Cross hosted over at Big Bible.  Metanoia recorded a subdued version of When I Survey for station number 11, The Soldiers Crucify Jesus.

As you can hear, it is a more subdued recording as befitting the occasion.  I dug out the massive Ugandan Drum that I brought back from Kampala and an acoustic guitar.  We tried to make the poignancy of the lyrics and the emotion in Ruth’s voice a feature and let the occasion speak for itself.  When we release that album we keep dreaming about it would have to be the secret track at the end!

Please feel free to download it and pass it around!  Just make sure it still says “Metanoia” on the MP3.

The version of the track was originally penned by the Northumbria Community.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve found the ususal tune and rendition of WISTWC has become a little hackneyed and overly sentimental – to swoopy and screechy – for me over the years, robbing the words of the power to move which they once had. I’ve never heard this version before – but it’s a perfect tune and so beautifully rendered here: the spare, understated accompaniment and Ruth’s clear poignant vocals were very powerful. Thank you both

  2. Thank you for your kind words.

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