Rock Communion Methodist Stylee

I have just realised that in the business of the last two weeks I have forgotten to mention this!!  Burton Road Methodist Churchis holding a Rock Communion service in Lincoln.  Metanoia are going to be there two weeks on Sunday at 6pm.  Graeme, Ali, Ruth and I were all at college together with their minister, The Sten (The Reverend Sten?).  Perhaps I should call him Mark now.  He has invited us down to meet his community and assist with the proceedings.

Sorry I have been so remiss and forgotten to mention it.  I also promise that once the Rock Mass and the Rock Communion are done I will have time to sort Metanoia a decent web presence instead of just a Facebook page.


6 Responses

  1. Who’s this Graham of which you speak?

  2. I’ve never been spelled correctly before, what makes you so special? I was booked into a retreat house last week as “Bob”!

    Get a proper name 😛

  3. and there was me thinking you’d approve of the ‘correct’ Scottish spelling!

  4. I have special needs and wordpress doesn’t have a spell checker that checks for other correct spellings.

    Ironically, my uncle is called Ian and not Iain.

  5. Just recommended this to a Methodist friend who lives in Newark, on the basis that you were so fab at Greenbelt!

  6. Awwww shucks!

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