The Internet – A Basic Human Right?

I was reading an interesting article from the BBC entitled “The myth of free wi-fi”.  I am a tech savvy guy with more computers and iStuff floating around my house than it is possible to use.  To be honest I’m surprised my fridge isn’t wi-fi enabled – perhaps that is my next step.  My thoughts on social media and faith are well documented.  I believe that the internet a shift in the way information flows that is as significant as the invention of the printing press.  So reading an article on open source public wi-fi was right up my street.  However, what caught my attention was this quote from Sam Churchill:

“But it’s a basic requirement these days, just like water and power in a civilised society, that helps people communicate and keep informed.”

We live in a world of serious inequality.  I struggle to reconcile this quote with the picture above.  Having wi-fi in public spaces is a ‘basic requirement’?  If there is one thing that the article has inspired me to do it is “donate some money to water aid“.

3 Responses

  1. I agree. “Human rights” are irrelevant and a distraction. The bible does not speak of human rights only of human responsibility.

  2. If we are to progress as a race, we do need to think globally.

    I would suggest a condition of membership of the UN should be that 25% a nation’s armed forces be loaned to a global ‘engineering corps’ tasked with building the infrastructure so noone has got to walk miles for clean water.

    Until that happens, I guess a donation to water aid will have to do.

    The human race has done a lot for me – the least I can do is buy it a drink.

  3. I suspect that Gene Roddenberry may demand his ideas back Julz 😉

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