Blesséd @Home @ Greenbelt – The Video

This is a video of the Blesséd Alt:Worship Mass at Greenbelt last Friday night.  Unfortunately the battery ran out before the end but you get the idea.

I wish we had someone operating a roving camera as well so that you could get the full effect of being there as the bubbles filled the whole place during the confession liturgy.  Very well done to Fr Simon and the Blesséd team!

So here you go, me playing guitar with Metanoia – the first time I’ve put that on the blog!  Moshing in church?  8-o

Now I’d better get back to planning The Rock Mass at Dewsbury Minster!


5 Responses

  1. This was a very important, and deeply moving way for me to start my first experience of Greenbelt. My thanks to all concerned.

    I was deeply impressed by the quality of the music, both in what was chosen to be sung, and in the professionalism of those who were ‘performing’.

    I shall blog to share it with my friends locally as it might be something that would go down well with many of them – especially the music!

    God Bless you in your ministry.

  2. *blush*

    Thank you. Your comments are very kind.

  3. […] A video of the event was recorded, which although not great quality and stops rather prematurely(!) gives you a good idea what it was all about. Watch the video here. […]

  4. […] full liturgy is here, and the video is here – and I really would encourage you to take a look, especially if you like rock music, blowing […]

  5. I m so glad to be able to relive this amazing service. I had forgotten the music side ,my main impression being the catalogue background pics which I found so helpful &have been describing to friends. Thank you & every blessing on your ministry. Jean

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