How to Make a Presentation

Have you ever sat in a room or a lecture theatre where you are waiting to be inspired?  You have waited for this hot topic for weeks, months.  You have read this person’s books and you imagine that seeing them talking about this topic must be mind-blowing.  You sit there with your iPad*poised to hear their merest utterance.  You are expectant.  The speaker takes to the stage with a round of applause.  The screen shifts to reveal the hot topic and suddenly they begin.  They start to read the words that they have put onto their Powerpoint presentation verbatim.

This is the moment where I realise that I don’t have an inner monologue.  Suddenly I am conscious of two angry little men in the back of my head hitting each other with sticks and shouting “print it out, let me go home and I’ll read it myself – faster!!” 

Lee Jackson tweeted a link to an easy guide in “how to make a PowerPoint presentation that won’t annoy Robb“.  It’s very good.

*let me dream


5 Responses

  1. Once was IT support at a conference where three of the five speakers read their words from the presentation. The other two showed videos which were funny but had only a tangible link to the topic. Worst was one who not only read her slides out but had created slides as a full page of 12pt text. Must have been three paragraphs per slide and…. it was in COMIC BLOODY SANS!

  2. I would also suggest Keynote on mac/iPad.
    It’s just nicer to work with and look at.
    Watch any Apple product launch for a masterclass in enthusiasm and classy understatement.

  3. Prezi is a pretty nice alternative to the PowerPoint/Keynote style of presentation. Bit of a learning curve but well worth it.

  4. Prezzi is cool – but you don’t want to be the second person to stand up and do one.

    It’s like women turning up to a party in the sane outfit.

  5. Same outfit, obviously.

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