10 Reasons Why Social Media Matters

I came across an article about social media and church websites entitled “10 reasons Why Social Media Matters”.  It is very good at highlighting the shift in the flow of information that I hinted at yesterday in my blog post about advertising.  This is also the conversation that Pete Phillips and many others have been having about the seven principles of new media.  No longer is Big Brother giving us information from the top but now there is genuine interaction between those on the ground.  This shift is as big, if not bigger than the invention of the printing press!!

I’m not sure I necessarily agree with the original article but it is certainly pointing in the right direction.  For example, point seven:

7) Social media needs Christians

I’m not sure that this is actually the case.  Perhaps a more honest statement would be The Church(tm) needs social media.


3 Responses

  1. Point 7 to me reads “social media needs kind and patient people who want to help others and not simply out to profit on ego-commisssion”

    All it takes is one late night flaming for a newcomer to be put off for life, a groundswell of patient people is always helpful to add balance and advice.

    One vital reason that social media matters to the faiths, is that people are often online looking for something, be it friendship, laughter, tech advice (get a Mac) or just a way of making human contact.

    The online world is a place where words meet, and you are not judged on external appearance, accent or social skills.

    Waling up to stranger and saying ‘hi’ in the street or shop is not a statistically reliable way to start a friendship, but online there are communities to offer all sorts of contact.

    The elderly who fall through the gaps of society today through social or mobility issues will find the future a lot more friendly tomorrow.

    Although we may find ourselves wishing we had skipped gaily through a few more meadows and made a few less blogs when our knees give up…

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for engaging with my post. I’m certainly interested in both agreement and disagreement, so it’s good you don’t agree with everything.

    In fact – if you want to write a post on my site disagreeing, or enter into further dialogue, that would be very welcome 🙂


  3. this video http://bit.ly/j3Fg9C or this one http://bit.ly/lFjXom maybe useful as they are pretty convincing as to why we should use social media

    as for what freedom we actually have in accessing info – this post http://bit.ly/jA15DA may surprise you

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