The Dangers of Social Media

social media has created a revolution in the 21st Century.  The way in which information is shared via media such as twitter and YouTube has seen a permanent shift from those in control to the decentralised masses.  Content is now judged not upon it’s worth to the establishment as it sells it’s product to the consumer but is now consumer generated for the consumer.  Peer review is not controlled by the few but by the many.  Sites such as Facebook have changed the way in which networks are not only maintained but also created.  People can experience social interaction with their diasporic friends entwining their scattered realities together.

This is broadly speaking a good thing.  However, like many tools it can have it’s misuses.  For some social media is addictive and can lead some people to become disconnected with the real world.  There have been high profile cases where the boundaries of reality and virtuality have been blurred.

So here we have a video that is no doubt going viral as you read these pixels illuminated on the screen before you.  We see someone creating a work of art out of their 152 Facebook friends… today.  Is this the ultimate expression of the love heart tattoo with the ex-girfriends name lovingly etched within it?

The internet is a terminally fickle place with sites being created and destroyed by the amount of attention that they manage to draw as they captivate the collective imagination of the users.  I can only imagine that 5 years ago this would have been a MySpace tattoo that we would now be watching a hasty covered up with the next best website…. perhaps twitter.

Social media as a phenomenon I would expect to stay.  However I expect my social networks to evolve over the course of my life time.  I expect that they will cross platforms and migrate from format to format.  My reality however, I expect to be here for the duration.  My tattooed arms will be with me for as long as I can manage to keep them attached to my torso.  Friendships with grow with new people.  Some old friendships may fade and disappear.  My arms I intend to hang on to.


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