The New Religious Movement – Apple

There is a programme on BBC3 tonight that the little anthropologist inside my head finds fascinating.  “BBC Three looks into ‘evangelical frenzy’ over Apple“.  I can’t work out whether this is tongue-in-cheek or whether the comparison is a startling revelation about the inner desire within society for religiosity.  Have Apple tapped into a marketing tool that the church has long forgotten – how to give a religious experience?

Check it out at 9pm on BBC3.


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  1. […] soon as I clicked ‘publish’ with my last blog post the cogs started turning in my mind.  I have an iPhone (sorry @duttyo, it’s relevant to […]

  2. It’s disturbingly morbidly fascinating…

  3. The ‘Cult of Mac’ is not what it was – its now a full scale church.

    I do kind of miss the days when we were fringe computer nutters – but as Robb says – they do understand the trick of making people feel they are part of a movement changing the human experience for the better.

    Sent from my iPad 😉

  4. Another one of those prosyletisers in our midst =D

  5. […] most interesting things I have watch recently is Secrets of the Superbrands – Technology.  I blogged about it briefly when it came out as the view of Apple as a religious phenomenon was fascinating.  […]

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