Mental Illness

My wife works with adults suffering with mental health problems.  This is something that affects a large portion of people and is hugely stigmatised.  It is time to break this stigmatism and enable people to live their lives.


4 Responses

  1. Well said.

    Out of interest, when you [rightly] say “hugely stigmatised” do you have the church in mind also?

    • Not really, the whole of society. I guess as the church forms part of the whole of society they’re included. It is the place I have most influence to change perceptions though.

      I will reflect upon that.

  2. Well, if you do reflect on this aspect, I would be delighted to feature your thoughts on our blog.

  3. Love the campaign. I lost my mum to suicide after she had a brief period of mental illness. It is amazing when talking to people about it how common mental health issues our but how quiet people keep them. (that is both in the church & out)

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