Have a Real Christmas

I just had a moment of clarity. A few years ago I was given a goat for Christmas. Not a real goat. I didn’t get a smelly animal that ate my garden. I was given a virtual goat…. well a tangible goat in a village in africa but from my perspective a virtual goat. It wasn’t a goat I had to look after. It was however still a goat. I don’t think I appreciated it’s significance at the time.

I was just pulled up short by the triviality of my life when I watched this video from Advent Conspiracy. I have been asked what I would like for Christmas a few times recently. I’ve racked my brains a lot. What would I like for Christmas? What would take away the minor inconveniences of my existence? Then I saw this and I realised what my answer should have been. What is it really all about?

I suck.

[PS – if you know me, do this, buy me another goat! (or clean water for a village, or some vaccines against some terrible disease I can only pray I never get or…….)]


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  1. or look at my blog tomorrow to find out how you can act out in hope this Advent

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