The Future of Christianity and The Church – Ecumenism

A fascinating discussion between an ecumenical group comprising N.T. Wright, Father Richard Rohr and Brennan Manning.

Is this what we mean by the emerging church?  Something that is grounded in tradition and a lineage… and yet still operates around that… what Brian McLaren calls a ‘generous orthodoxy’.  I certainly think that’s the future.

What amazing words from Fr Richard Rohr.  From my UK perspective, I wonder if this is what Rowan Williams was trying to express when he coined the phrase “the mixed economy church”?

NT Wright made a passing remark later on that I think is worthy of a revisit.

It’s frustrating that we can’t share the Eucharist together…officially.

A point that is double edged.


3 Responses

  1. beats me why they can’t share the eucharist together, if they all decide to do so?

  2. You can. But he said that.

  3. Thanks for this, I loved Rohr’s teaching on non dualistic thinking at Greenbelt. Life changer 🙂

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