Is God Love?

I spotted this post entitled Love vs. Religion.  It raises an interesting question about how we respond if we believe that “God is love”.

Religion says: Celebrate the same way we do, with decency and order, and be sure you stay in line. Be careful who you hang out with—you don’t want a bad influence rubbing off on you. Appearances are everything, so choose carefully.

Love says: Let’s celebrate! Go wild, tip over the edge! Tell everyone they are welcome to my party! Be expansive, wildly open, stupidly generous, and ridiculously joyous. Invite the oddest people you can find—please! Shower one another with openness and love and being authentic. What great gifts you have for each other! Give them indiscriminately.


5 Responses

  1. Was Jesus religious? Should his followers be?

  2. It depends on how religion is defined.

    Some people want religious to mean a variety of different things. It is often used as a pejorative term.

    If it means adherence to legalistic ritual without perceived reference to the spiritual.

    If religion is “believing in a deity” then yes.

    There are a hundred different shades between those two positions.

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  4. If you read Luke 14: 16-24 it’s pretty clear that you can replace ‘Love’ in this post with ‘Jesus’…

  5. Good point Dr Ruth!!

    God = Love
    Jesus = God

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum

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