Worship Idea – Christmas Advertising 2010

Last year saw the start of an initiative by ChurchAds.net for the run up to Christmas.  I have written about their posters every year as they are one of the most professional and provocative forms of advertising I have seen.  However, last year they upped the ante and offered a service for churches to raise funding for a poster to be placed in a local bus stop.  It cost just £100 to buy a bus stop near your church.

Now imagine this.  Everyone we know donates £2.  If you have a congregation of 100 that’s two bus stops.  If you have a smaller congregation of 50 that’s one bus stop.  If you have a team of four churches that could be 6 bus stops.  If you do it as churches together with 10 other churches you could potentially have 15-20 bus stops in your town or local area proclaiming the message of Christmas.

Now is the time to start thinking about this as it will take time to organise.  Here is the preview of this years poster – @ruthiegledhill posted it on twitter this morning.  It is awesome!!


One Response

  1. This is already causing controversy. I love this quote!

    “At the same time, no-one, whether they are pro- or anti- this poster can realistically claim that the arrival of Jesus on the scene is an apolitical event,” said Mr Barrow. “Historically, he confronted the status quo in the interests of the marginalised and the poor, and was put to death by a toxic combination of misplaced religious and political authority. The figure of Christ will inevitably create controversy and contention – but that can happen in a positive, peaceful and forward-looking way.”

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