Emerging Church is just a Marketing Phenomenon

I loaded up twitter for a quick brows with my lunch and this headline was at the top of the page.  Kester Brewin has written an article about this harsh critique of the emerging church by Brad Johnson.

One of the worries I have about ’emerging church’ is that some people view it as “the next thing that is going to save the church”.  This can lead some people from the outside to see emerging church as just another way of packaging the church.  I worry that some want to buy the book and run the ’emerging church course’ in their local church.

When ’emerging church’ is viewed through this lens, it “is a marketing phenomenon”.  But I suggest that misses the point of the ’emerging church’.  However, with this view the term has been misappropriated.  It has been taken by those who want to claim it for themselves.  It is like that church we all have in our towns that claim to be ‘the one true voice of the gospel’.  It is like the ‘Christian party’ that stood in the general election here in the UK.  It is riding roughshod over the rest of us as we stand back wondering what happened.


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