Fresh Expressions in The Times

It would seem that Fresh Expressions are starting to become more mainstream.  There is an article in The Times today about a variety of different ‘valid’ churches.

 Is this your idea of church? Possibly not, but each is a valid “fresh expression of church” that has sprung up in the past five years.


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  1. Comment from @maggidawn

    My own experience was that we were getting on with it before the CofE/Methodists gave it a home with the “fresh expressions” label. I remember being presented with Mission Shaped Church and having conversations that started with phrases like “Oh, so that is what we were doing….”

    But I can’t think of any movements in any institution I have had involvement with that started as a brainchild at the top. As a teacher we would do something in the classroom and see if it worked. Then we would look at why it worked. Eventually someone may catch on and call it… a curriculum. Why would anyone think that the church would work differently?

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