Religious Freedom and Liberty

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Life has been really busy for the moment.  I have only just got around to watching the programme “Are Christians Being Persecuted”, a documentary shown on the BBC at Easter.  I was expecting a sensationalist view in either direction as people seem to like shouting.  I wasn’t expecting the even handed treatment that people from all sides were given.

One of the most compelling  quotes was about one of the darkest periods of the Church’s history and comes from the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

“Rights are a good thing. And they arose, really, in England in the 17th century after a century of religious warfare throughout Europe when, to put it bluntly, Protestants and Catholics were killing one another. So the major question was, how can people of strongly conflicting religious beliefs live peaceably together?”

“People stopped saying ‘Religious belief is supremely important, therefore everyone should have my religious faith.’ to saying ‘Religious faith is extremely important, so everyone should have the right to the faith that they, in conscience, believe.’ And with that one simple move, religion turned into a friend of liberty instead of being its enemy. That’s why it’s ironic when rights themselves become a threat to religious liberty.”

And on a personal level, I’ll try to be a better blogger.


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