Worship Idea – Maundy Thursday – Shine Some Shoes

I just noticed a rather intriguing post by a friend.  In Cottingham the clergy have been shining shoes in the market.  Anyone and everyone could have their shoes shined for free.

One comment he made was that it was amazing how many people wouldn’t take a free shoe shine.  I wonder if they were asking themselves what the catch was.


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  1. I was talking to a friend recently about a free concert they’d organised for the last few years. Fewer and fewer people were attending – and when they investigated why, they discovered it was because it was free. So they started charging a nominal fee of £1 per ticket, and the numbers increased again.

    The perception was that because it was free it must also be rubbish and not worth their time; but because the tickets actually cost people something, the event was worth attending.

  2. Many people are opposed to accepting free gifts. They think you have to be able to repay.

  3. Interesting points. I wonder if a charity donation box would have helped.

    I gave a woman who was left stranded with her daughter in the snow a lift home when a taxi refused to take her home with her shopping. She insisted that I had to take money from her. In the end I said that I would give it to charity.

    All I wanted to do was the right thing.

  4. we had the same thing as Ricky when we were putting on a comedy gig in quite a posh church. They wouldn’t come for free so we charged them £3 and it was packed..

    Joke was on them though….It was rubbish!

  5. so given that people don’t like accepting – are sometimes even offended by the offer of – free gifts… how should that affect the way we talk to people about God’s free gift of rescue and relationship?

  6. Interesting question.

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