Time – How Long is Too Long?

I have just had a conversation that prompts this question:

How long do you give a Fresh Expression to establish itself before you pull the plug?

What is a ‘fair crack of the whip’?


5 Responses

  1. This is a deliberately provocative question BTW.

  2. i’d imagine that the ‘correct’ (ahem!) length of time would be a universal constant roughly proportional to the length of a piece of string.

    There is a season for all things, as it is written in the book of the prophet Roger McGuinn…

  3. You are a wise man.

  4. Not sure we can ever decide to ‘pull the plug’, but we can allow a group to change and develop naturally as the people grow in terms of their exploration of faith. So, rather than pulling the plug, we may decide it’s time to ‘change direction’ or the way something is presented.

    After all, a ‘Fresh Expression’ is, by definition, no longer ‘fresh’ after the first time, is it?!? But don’t get me on that – I’m not keen on the term in any case!!


  5. As you may guess, I was the defender of FE in this case.

    Surely when you eat the first egg in the box it doesn’t make the rest of them go off instantly. They remain fresh.

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