Fresh Expressions at Synod

If I am honest, it is my day off and I would go mad if I kept working through it but….

This week has been the General Synod of the Church of England (my beloved institution and employer).  The twitterverse has been going mad with comment about the goings on.  One thing that happened was the presentation of a report on Fresh Expressions by Graham Cray.  If you look at my twitter stream from yesterday you will notice that a lot of the comments I retweeted are all about what was said.  Fresh Expressions have itself written a “bedtime reading” summary of it all.

So why am I blogging it and what is my comment on it?

That is just the thing…. I want a minute to digest it all and see what I actually think about it.  It is an unusual thing for me to be saying.  I normally reflect off the cuff as I go along like most extroverts.  There is just so much being said about it from so many sources.  Plus, as I have said, it is my day off and I am already telling myself off for working.

If that annoys you, why not check out what Jonny Baker has said about it in his first post and his second post.  He has some good thoughts on it all and more importantly – he has hopes for the future!!


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