The Top Ten Myths About The Emerging Church

Just read an amusing list of myths about the emerging church.  Not sure that I have heard them all used in the UK context.  I think I may have added a few of my own to the list.

What do you think are the most unfounded things you have heard about the Emerging Church?

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  1. Hi Robb, just popped by to say hello and how is it going with you? Is it how you thought it would be? Also did you know that Brian McL is coming to speak at the Faithworks conference in Enfield at the end of Feb? All best, Kim

  2. the american emergent thing and the british emergent thing seem to have almost nothing in common. so, applying a critique across the board seems to be truly unfounded.

  3. Kim – I am having a lot of fun. Run off my feet but enjoying it nontheless. How are you doing? Any progress?

    Jon – I agree to some extent. I think that there is a huge difference between the places we are emerging from. In the UK we have less of an overarching right wing christian ethos. We “come to the conversation” or “start the journey” with a lot less bagage.

    There also seems to be a lot less of a backlash against the UK Emerging Churches than there has been in the US from the “mainstream”.

  4. The report to Synod posted on Jonny’s blog shows that – a lot going on but maybe because its of the salt/mustard seed variety, there’s less to rail against but its very real progress.

    Hi robb! Really glad its going great. Yeah good ta, small steps and still exploring. I started a post grad cert in kingdom theology with WTC in Sept 09 – ( which is for me very stretching, and am working a day a week in a big Anglican church on the mission & community team. So, we’ll see where it all ends up!

    All the best to you, and ta for all the encouragement.

  5. Sounds good. Hope you find your place in it all.

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