Speaking on the Radio

I got to speak on regional radio today (about 2hrs 19mins in and then again at 2hr 36min).  The world seems to have had a few feet of snow dumped upon it so they ended up asking me about the snow of all things.

The one complaint I have had from people* I know is that I didn’t plug my band!

*OK, it was the bassplayer!!


4 Responses

  1. “yeah, i get that a lot”: My nomination for understatement of the decade. I know it’s early doors, but i think its a strong contender. Shame they got hung up on appearance and didn’t delve deeper into questions of relevance and culture and meaning. I think you did a great job of pointing people towards those things, without hijaking the conversation or forcing an agenda on to things. You sounded relaxed and grounded, which is really important. Credit, mate.

    Oh, and the Bass player is right – haven’t you ever read the apostle Paul’s injunction to “make the most out of every opportunity”? Really!

  2. I know I know! The drummer has now given me an official written warning 😦

    Thanks for the feedback. Apparently I get away with talking about the taboos. I say “Jesus, social justice, faith, works, created equal” and they say “hair, piercings and harley”. Everyone seems happy 😆

  3. Your drummer can write?!? Woah, he must have done the advanced course. I’ve obviously got some ground to make up.

    happy is good =]

    Probably would have been a deeper conversation if the guy had not been so positive – ironic really – but you respected the direction he wanted to take the conversation in and that’s essential. Did you enjoy it?

  4. I did enjoy it after the initial nerves. I felt comfortable in the second segment.

    I think they wanted to lighten the mood from doom and gloom about the weather. He had also been finding it difficult to get any useful information out of people. They had him doing interviews with people in the snow for over 2 hours.

    “so it’s snowing then?”

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