The Modern Wedding

I just found this clip.  I think it raises some interesting questions about how we engage with the modern world as a church.  And it made me laugh 😆

13 Responses

  1. An interesting take on weddings, but love the Angry Anderson soundtrack! Shows the age of the people that put it together!

  2. hahahahahahahahahaaha… made me laugh too. 🙂

    i saw angry anderson with rose tattoo live at reading festival when i was a lad. 27 years ago!!! 😦

  3. My wife wanted to know why i was watching the neighbours wedding scene!

  4. It’s all a bit scary really… BTW who is Angry Anderson when he’s at home?

  5. Carole! surely you remember scott and charlines wedding (or hwever you spelt her name)

  6. BTD you’ve got me there…yes, I have to admit with some degree of embarrassment that I did watch that iconic kitsch TV moment…so was it the same soundtrack then?

  7. Ha ha – I didn’t even notice that!

  8. I had no idea what you were all talking about so I wiki’d it….

    and realised I would have been 4 at the time it was shown

  9. I only vaguely remember Scott and Charlene. I think the first I knew of the Minogue was I should be so lucky at a primary school disco.

  10. Thanks for that Duttyo I was ding my o’levels at the time

  11. ‘O Levels’? What pray tell are they?


  12. A bit like GCSEs only you read the whole book!

  13. ‘book’?

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